Discover: Billie Eilish
Latest Hits: Billie Eilish – Hit Me Hard & Soft

There’s album listening parties, and there’s Billie Eilish smashing it concert style with screaming fans, hot merch, smoky fog, a live YouTube broadcast and the artist herself bringing it large. That’s. How. You. Do it.

Ok it was sponsored by American Express which feels distinctly unyoung and uncool. But if they’re willing to put the cash into an event like this, then we say sign us up to the APR.
We think an event like this is a beautiful thing. It’s dramatic, and gives die-hard fans something to remember forever. But everyone’s invited to play their part, which is what proper pop music is all about. Landmark moments you’ll never forget.
So what’s the album about?

Ironically enough given the unmissable attention that launch will have garnered, it’s born of the pits of despair and confusion that come from the world constantly invading Eilish’s headspace. It’s dark, it’s powerful, but it’s tender and sweet.
Stand out tracks like the bass-driven ‘Lunch’ and the simply hypontic“Chihiro” are the earworms that we’re playing on loop. But there’s so much to explore, with every track a series of surprising movements, punctuated by Eilish’s uniquely dynamic range of voice.

The main take away is that this is an album packed with classics for the ages. With a depth of text that sink fans into a lifelong emotional relationship with the artistry. Not only that, Billie Eilish is still only 22. With so much life to live, and so much more authentic, honest emotional experience to share with us, we can only wonder what might come next?