What’s Hot: We love Charlie XCX
What’s Hot: We love Charlie XCX

The new album from Charlie XCX is a text book example of how to build excitement before you drop your latest release, from one of the irresistibly cool pop artists in modern history.

From her ultra collectible merch, to the interviews she gives to the music press, Charlie XCX has focussed the conversation, less on the album itself and more on how just how epic she is as a person, hypnotised us with  ‘cooler than we’ll ever be’ views on the industry, and left us wondering just how exciting this new album probably, definitely will be. It’s marketing genius and we love it.

In updates since the initial PR started we now know the album will be called ‘Brat’, and we do have one track to go on, ‘Von Dutch’ which is a stone cold banger. Just added to the Pop Playrooms Hits & Trends playlist, you have to hear this. Charlie has been reported as saying that, it was written about being an object of gossip or obsession for people around you and embracing it. Which makes sense when you think about just how obsessed we are with her latest work.

Once the poster girl for Hyper Pop, that label now seems frivolous. You can’t pigeon hole an an artist this deep into their own world. There’s nothing fabricated here, it’s a real life authentic talent, reacting organically to people trying to label her. And her reactions just make her even more appealing.

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‘Brat’ doesn’t have an exact release date, but is available for pre-order now. And at Pop Playrooms we’ve secured three USB singles of Von Dutch to give away to our customers. If you’re up for getting your hands on one of these collectibles get over to our Insta and share this post.