Discover: Lady Marga
Lady Marga

1.What’s the most important thing people need to know about you?
That I’m a people person, that lives, laughs, loves,that is my way of thinking I’m all about the good vibes,I have that lay back chilled attitude because life is to short so you gotta live your life to the full, be you, stay happy

2. Tell us about your new video
Well my video and song features my cousin doris of five star and felix of basement jaxx the song is a remake of my cousins five star top UK hit system addict,I’ve alway love the song since I was a kid and I wanted to do a remake but its done in away where its different to the original it’s very now.its fun,very quirky and everyone is a system addict right, alway on there phones, computers,laptop etc. So what you will see in the video is some elements of this but I cant give to much away. you will have to see the full video to get what I mean

3. Where would be your dream venues to play live and why?
Hmm good question well there are a few but I will name two. Wembley Stadium I did Wembley arena so now i want to do the Stadium and second it’s got to be the 02 arena

4. Some people write pop music off as mainstream and formulaic, to others it’s an art form that breaks all the rules and crosses boundaries into any genre it wants to. What does pop music mean to you?
A exactly that it’s art form that breaks all rules and crosses boundaries into any genre it wants to.

5. If you were a superhero what would your power be?
Invincible superpower so that I could never be harmed or destroyed have that power to live forever and ever

6. We believe music has the power to change the world, what would you use it to change right now?
It would have to be change the world stop the war bring peace and stop all the bad and bring the good,